FuzzMeasure Pro 2.0.10

Complete acoustic toolbox

FuzzMeasure is a useful, trial version program only available for Mac, that belongs to the category Audio & Video with subcategory Plug-ins Libraries & Effects. View full description

FuzzMeasure is a useful, trial version program only available for Mac, that belongs to the category Audio & Video with subcategory Plug-ins Libraries & Effects.

More about FuzzMeasure

Since we added this program to our catalog in 2006, it has managed to obtain 3,767 downloads, and last week it achieved 6 downloads.

The program version is 2.0.10 and it has been updated on 10/05/2006. It's available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and previous versions, and you can download it in English.

About the download, FuzzMeasure is a software that takes up less space than most programs in the section Audio & Video. It's very heavily used in many countries such as Finland, Spain, and Germany.

FuzzMeasure Pro 2 delivers a complete suite of features geared towards professionals in the acoustics, live sound, and recording industries. By combining a complete toolset with an elegant user interface, FuzzMeasure Pro 2 lets you get all your work done without getting in your way.

FuzzMeasure Pro is an audio and acoustical measurement application you use to perform, analyze, and produce visually stunning graphs of your measurements. Using FuzzMeasure's tools, you can easily gather measurements of a home theater system, recording studio, stage, auditorium, raw loudspeaker components, and more.

Advanced Audio Hardware Support

FuzzMeasure Pro 2 lets you capture audio on multiple channels simultaneously, and perform audio device correction automatically.

Delay Finding

When working in a live sound scenario, it's common to measure the delay between your outputs, and when the sound hits the audience's ears. FuzzMeasure Pro 2 lets you determine that delay precisely, accounting for your hardware's own built-in delay.


FuzzMeasure Pro 2 makes spectacular, print-quality graphs from your data automatically.

Improved Graph Displays

FuzzMeasure Pro 2 comes with an updated graph display system that provides on-screen graph rendering that comes to life.

Swept Sine Settings

If you need to control the behavior of your swept sine stimulus signal, FuzzMeasure Pro 2 lets you tweak to your heart's content.

Waterfall Plots

When trying to locate resonant frequencies in an acoustic space, a simple 2D plot won't cut it. FuzzMeasure Pro 2 provides the Waterfall Plot PlugIn to let you visualize your impulse responses in 3D.

Comparisons Made Simple

Comparing measurements could not get any easier. Simply command-click on the records you wish to compare, and they all show up on the graph.

Frequency Domain Analysis

When you are working in the frequency domain, there is a lot of data to process. FuzzMeasure Pro 2 helps you to more easily find what your acoustical measurements are trying to tell you.

Impedance Measurements

If you need to measure loudspeakers electrically, FuzzMeasure gives you powerful impedance measurement tools, such as Thiele Small parameter estimation, to get your projects done.

Reverberation Time Measurements

For acoustics professionals, ISO 3382 reverberation time measurements are crucial to understanding the performance of an acoustic space. FuzzMeasure Pro 2 calculates octave band reverberation time parameters using the Reverberation Time PlugIn.

Time Domain Analysis

It's important to see a detailed close-up of your impulse response in the time domain. FuzzMeasure Pro 2 gives you this capability, and also lets you see it in different ways.



FuzzMeasure Pro 2.0.10